Throughout history, humanity has extracted minerals, hydrocarbons, and elements from underground sources and utilised them in the advancement of civilisation and technology.

The linear economy and conventional technologies have disrupted the cycles between the Earth and the sky, and this has...

To restore the disrupted order of nature, the pioneering inventor and scientist AHMET BAŞAL has undertaken years of extensive research in the fields of selection, adaptation, and...

Basalia Bio-Circular Technology is a bio-nano technology that comprises integrated circular processes with specific engineering designs aimed at maximising the characteristics of the Basalia main culture. It conducts enzyme engineering through a sequential and holistic chain of reactions. Flexible configurations are designed based on the strategic raw materials obtained from the integrated circular processes, and dependent on input-output expectations. Basalia Bio-Circular Technology provides solutions in three main areas using both integrated or modular processes.
The biological decomposition of all solid waste of both organic and inorganic origin without the need for pre-separation.
The obtainment of purified, clean reusable water from leachate, sewage, industrial wastewater, etc.
The production of hydrogen-rich gas with a relatively higher calorific value compared to energy obtained from other waste technologies, obtained from economical and environmentally friendly methods.
The solution of carbon emission in flue gases and the capture/binding of all pollutant gases, including carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons.
Establishment of a sustainable bio-circular system in soil and agriculture
Making barren and polluted lands suitable for agriculture with soil reclamation application
Obtaining new generation circular composite materials with different usage areas with Basalia Nano Powder, the final product of the process.
Obtaining new generation materials in the field of cosmetics and health with Basalia Bio Polymer, obtained from Basalia main culture


Basalia Bio-Circular Technology is a game-changing circular biotechnology that decomposes all organic and inorganic waste in the form of solid, liquid and or gas through sequential and holistic reactions, while transforming all types of waste into environmentally and economically beneficial outputs, operating with the principle of "Zero Waste - Zero Emission". 

7Cbasalia, with its unique technology, cooperates with institutions at all levels with the solutions it offers in the three areas in which it operates. Solution partnership cooperation with 7Cbasalia can be carried out by all private and public companies with waste problems, waste management companies, local authorities, states, international environmental organisations, institutions operating in the field of agriculture and soil, and all companies and sectors interested in new generation circular materials.

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